Doorway to Blasphemy!

So, QVKE BORG itself is off to the printers and I am waiting for an update on that.

In the mean time, I can confirm that I've written a QVKE BORG adventure! It is called 'Doorway to Blasphemy' and will be free and available here on itch! Assigned to hunt a vile heretic by the Inquisition of Galgenbeck, you enter a forgotten keep. Inside you will find traps, treasure and vile creations!

I finished a preliminary draft last night and will try to get it ready for release in time with or shortly after the official release of QVKE BORG!

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I looked at the sample pages, and my eyeballs immediately melted. Not sure if this is a design flaw or feature. There for it regardless.


If it was immediate, that's good.

If it happens after 6-8 hours, you should seek our your physician (or licensed purveyor of leeches) immediately.