Official Adventure! - Doorway to Blasphemy

Hey all!
The response so far to QVKE BORG has been phenomenal! I'm pretty proud of the work of everyone who contributed to the project, I stil, can't believe it happened!

One thing I did regret was not being able to include a pre-written adventure in the book. This has been my first RPG project and to be honest I'm learning a lot of stuff as I go. I can happily say as of today I have finished writing the official adventure, Doorway to Blasphemy!
It's still got a few elements that need to come together before it's ready for release, but I've launched an itch page for it, which you can check out here:

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Can't wait for the first adventure and to give it a play!
Have you read Slipgate Chokepoint by Andrew Walter? He has a couple of published modules for that game which I'm sure would run perfectly well with your QVKE BORG rules...

Thanks for the interest! :D I only recently acquired a copy and had a brief chat with Andrew! Being OSR-y type adventures I'm sure they could be made compatible with a bit of work.