Hi all! Hope you've been enjoying Qvke Borg! It seems to have been pretty successful so far and I'm super happy.
I'm hoping this is the only errata I ever have to make for it!!! I noticed a stupid oversight in the Slipgate Ranger character class. The Ranger is meant to start with armour and rolls d4 on the regular Mörk Borg armour table as per the screenshot above.

I've taken this opportunity to update the PDF with this change and a couple of minor adjustments (like putting my name on the cover). If there's ever a second physical printing, I guess these changes will roll onto it too.

Keep your eyes peeled for Doorway to Blasphemy, which is due out very soon!


qvkeborg-digital-192-revised.pdf 54 MB
Feb 26, 2022

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Will the Exalted Funeral PDF be updated as well so I could re-download it?


I'll get in touch and ask!

Any word back?


Just got my update notification from EF. Thanks!!

Ah awesome! I slept in this morning and missed the update from my EF contact. Glad that's in place for everyone. :D